Hot Foiling

During the past year the cost of Hot Foiling machines has fallen drastically, so they are now affordable for the average crafter.
There are several machines on the market, one of which is Hedi Swapp's Minc machine. In the UK there is another machine which is multi-pupose called the TODO.

The principle behind Hot Foiling is very simple. It utilises the laser printing technique of laying down an image onto the media by fusing a toner powder (which is a form of very finely ground black plastic) onto the media.

To prepare the machine for use switch on the On/Off switch at the back of the machine on the right. To set the temperature there is a gold coloured button on the top of the machine and 6 lights. The '0' button turns the machine on but does not heat the rollers

Below is a copy of the table which is in the Owner Manual. You will need this to decide what temperature to set for the material you are using. Most of the time you will have it set on '3'.

0 No heat foil transfer
1 Glasine bags, printed overlays
2 Lightweight coated paper, lightweight vellum, glossy stickers
3 Lightweight uncoated paper, heavyweight coated paper
4 Uncoated cardstock
5 Chipboard

The foil, which must be placed over the laser toner image is sandwiched between a heatresistant folder known as a 'Carrier Folder'. This prevents any of the toner or the foil from becoming in contact with the hot rollers. Before putting into the machine rub the are to be foiled to remove any air.

Feed the folder into the slot at the front of the machine until the rollers grip the folder and allow the folder to fed through the machine, until it emerges out of the other side of the machine

Remove the foil and media from the transfer folder and peel off the foil. Where it has stuck to the toner image the foil will be stuck to the media. The foil will be a reverse copy of the design.

Although it is best to use a machine designed for the purpose, many people have had success using a laminating machine, so for those who can not afford this machine it would be worth experimenting with this.

If you have a laser printer you will be able to design your own images to foil. Just print it out on the media you want to foil and run it through the machine.

Many people have even used stamps to make a foiled image. All you need is a clear ink pad and some ultra fine embossing powder. Get the stamp that you want to foil and ink it using the clear ink pad. Carefully stamp onto the media, the pour the powder over the inked image, as you would do if you were embossing. Using your heat gun melt the embossing powder onto the media. Now you can take it to the foiling machine and as you did for the standard foiling make a sandwich of the media, foil and transfer folder and feed through the machine.

There are many experts who have made videos on YouTube, some of which I have put on the Gallery page.