Cardmaking Tips

Die Cutting

  1. Use Talcum Powder on dies to make them cut better.
  2. Re-vitalise dies by using Wax Paper, Tin Foil or rub silicon lubricant onto die.
  3. If the dies are not cutting completely through the card, use a metal shim.
  4. Use magnetic sheets (1mm thick), to position the dies, so they don't move.
  5. Position the dies at the edge of the roller, as the pressure is greatest there.
  6. For a different design look, cut elements out of the die-cut, if the design lends itself to do so.
  7. Use low tack tape if you have not got any magnetic sheets, to hold the dies in position.
  8. To make Grand Caliber stick to the table, dampen the sucker pad to get a better seal.
  9. Tap the die against the table lightly to remove the residue card from the die.
  10. Make sure the die is placed cutting side up, otherwise you will damage the magnetic sheet or Base plate.

General Cardmaking

  1. Use a Tape (mouse) runner for more accurate placement of adhesive.
  2. Purchase precision tips for accurate placement of liquid glue.
  3. Use the right adhesive for the job you are doing.
  4. Use a sticker making machine(XYRON) to stick Vellum to the card as it does not show.
  5. Apply ink pad to stamp, rather than vise versa, for more accurate placement of ink.
  6. Using the above method you can ink the stamp with different colours, especially using teardrop ink pads.
  7. Layer your card with mirror card (1st layer), giving a narrow border, for better effect.
  8. Use a box lid (or similar) when using embossing powder, glitter or guilding flakes.
  9. Use short bladed scissors for cutting out elements from decoupage sheets, as they allow you to cut more accurately.
  10. Collect embellishments on cards sent to you, for re-use on your own cards.