Winter Blog

2015-01-27Posted by Webmaster


Well 2015 is upon us and in the northern hemisphere its winer and the days are short. This gives us plenty of time on these cold winter evenings to make cards. I am sorry I keep raving about them , but I am really impressed with Tattered Lace dies. They very prolific with their great designs and have produced nearly 300 designs. Craftwell have brought out another machine called Cut'n Boss, which looks very much like its predecessor, but as far as we can see, uses less packer plates. I have been very busy developing the website. Firstly, I have redesigned the way I present the statistics. Personally, it was taking a long time to submit the stats in the table format we used last year. You can now extract the data in several different ways. You can search by Country, by week and for the site by week. We have also made the verse printing utility easier to use. The way we list the card sizes has changed, but you will not notice any difference. The Font point size has now been put on a drop down menu. If you want the font color to be other than the few that I put in the original form, you can now use the separate button. I did allow you to put an RGB value in, but this meant you had to go to an external website to get the RGB value and type in the value in the box. Now I have installed a color chooser, where you can choose the color by pointing with your mouse. A 'How To' document is available on the web page. Well that's all for now! See you soon!

Summer Blog

2014-08-09Posted by Webmaster


I'm sorry this blog has been a long time coming, but my wife has been seriously ill and my time has been devoted to her. I have also been busy creating a 2nd Edition to the book I wrote about the Silhouette Cameo. I had some critisism about the first edition, which I had addressed in the 2nd Edition. If you want to look at the books I have written use this URL to go the the Authors Page: . Here in the UK this years sensation are the Dies produced by Tattered Lace and also Tonic. I have been trying to get feedback on the site but nobody has posted any comments as yet. I have even put a questionaire on the Verse utility, but nobody has even used this either. So what are all of my visitors using on the website? I note from my Stats that quite a few are reading this Blog. So please either fill in the questionaire in the Verse utility or use the Feedback form in Contacts. I expect you cardmakers will be thinking about starting to think about Christmas. It would be interesting to know how you celibrate Christmas in your part of the world. Use the above address to let me know. Well thats all for now folks!

Our Spring Blog

2014-03-02Posted by Webmaster


We can't believe its March and winter in the UK is nearly over. What a winter, I'm sure that the UK will sink with all of the rain we have had! Whats new on the cardmaking scene? We have recently acquired an eBosser machine by Craftwell. No more handle turning and struggling to stop the machine moving about. Tattered Lace are streaming out more dies. So far I have counted 310 dies, 8 of which are collections. They have also produced 4 sets of wafer templates. New from the USA Martha Stewart has produced some air drying clay moulds that are small enough and light enough to use as embelishments. You can even make icing sugar shapes for your cake decorating, so they have more than one use. Also on very much the same theme Ranger have brought out a Melting Pot, that can be used to melt embossing granules, that you can coat objects, such as paper flowers, to give the embelishment that special look. As with the Martha Stewart moulds above the melting pot has other uses as well! You can melt chocolate in and perphaps use the moulds as well. If you want an easier to read version of this blog, why not sign up for our newsletter. We will try to produce a more exciting version for you to feast your eyes on. Well thats it for now! Don't forget to sign up!

Happy New Year

2014-01-05Posted by Webmaster


Well 2014 is now upon us and in the UK we are being lashed by never-ending gales and rain! Looking back upon last year we have made numerous changes and we are proud of the new look site, which looks very professional. What has been happening in the crafting world last year. Well in the UK the premier crafting site Create and Craft has been saleing several new products.(NB They now despatch orders internationally) Most notably they introduced Tattered Lace Dies by Stephanie Weightman. In our opinion they are better than Spellbinder dies as they seem to cut cleaner and the dross is easier to remove. We also invested in an eBosser from Craftwell. It means we don't have to hold the machine down, to stop it moving around on the table. We are still waiting for contributions from other crafters with ideas and tips. Here are the links to the 3 product sites mentioned above:

Better website design

2013-09-11Posted by Webmaster


As you can see we have changed the website look again! We were not very happy with the design, as it gave us some design headaches when we wanted to add items to the screen. As we live in a beautiful part of the UK, we thought we would show some of the historic sites from '1066 Country', after all the website is named after the area we live in. Fundimently, the site is the same as before apart from we have decided to changed the News page to a Blog page which is stored in a database. The iPad version has not had the Blog page added, but it will be updated soon! We are still receiving hits from all over the world, but most of the hits are from USA. We would like to get some feedback from any of our users, especially in USA! Feedback from elsewhere is also welcome! We have also made some small improvements to the Verses pages by adding links to the instruction document and also the Nominal Settings document.

Some Verses Utility problems solved

2013-06-24Posted by Webmaster


We have solved some of the problems that have been bugging us for some time. We have been wanting to eliminate the step where the user had to remember the verse ID and input it manually in the variables page. This is now solved and all you need to do is click on the radio button on the line of the verse you wish to use. We have also solved the automatic detection of the iPad. We did put a link in the menu left side-bar and also in the footer menu. We have also removed the Religious Holidays and Festivals list from the Right Side and added it to the navigation menu and we also moved the Facebook Like button to the right hand side. We would love to receive contributions and ideas from all the many users across the world! Please use the Contact Us page either by email or using the Feedback Form.

iPad version launched and Religious Holidays shown on Home Page

2013-03-11Posted by Webmaster


While we have been shivering here in the UK with what seems like an everlasting Winter, this has not stopped us developing the Web Site. We have started to display a list of religious and other holidays on the Home page. This was originally on the left hand side, but we found that this did not display very well when viewed on an iPad. This lead us to develop a special version of the site for the iPad. This is running, but we want it to automatically detect a mobile device, but this is not working at the moment, so we have put a link in the menu and moved the Religious Holiday's list to the right hand side. When we resolve this issue we will remove the link, but we will leave the list on the right hand side. We have done this so that we can add a Facebook Like button.

Further changes to Verses Utility, including additional Moods

2012-12-14Posted by Webmaster


We have just added a new feature to the verse printing utility! You can now type in your own verse using the same (but modified) program. In the verse menu you will find 2 more buttons: 1) To access the bespoke verse printing feature. 2) A button that lists all of the `simple` verses that have recently been added. You will also find we have added a few extra Events: * Universal * Bon Voyage * Thank You Universal verses are those verses that can be used for many types of event. We are still trying to improve the site even more, but suggestions from you are always welcome. Wishing you all Merry Christmas again.

Website revamp and Religious Holidays shown on Home Page

2012-12-09Posted by Webmaster


We have been busy again since our last bulletin and the launch of the re-vamped site. We are now showing religious and other festivals in the News area on the Home page. We have also added many more verses to the database and several new Events and Moods. Recently added Events: Thanksgiving Halloween Diwali Independence Day St Patrick's Day Hanukkah Good Luck Exam Recently added Moods: Parents Operation Simple Husband Wife The new Mood called Simple are what we call 'one liners', such as Happy Birthday. The idea with this is that you may be able to add these 'snipetts' to a longer verse or make up a greeting from several 'snipetts'. We will write some instruction as soon as possible! WE have also added couple of things to make looking for a verse easier! There is now a menu page after you click on the Verses link on the navigation bar. On this page there are 2 buttons, one goes to the printing utility and the other is a viewer which lists all of the verses for a chosen Event with the Moods in alphabetical order. We have also indicated how many events there are for the chosen category. Well with Christmas looming up fast I expect you are busy making festive cards, so I won't take up any more of your time. Wishing our followers A Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Yes! More changes to the website look and to the Verse Utility

2012-11-08Posted by Webmaster


We have made the site look more professional and have been adding more religious holidays to the database. However apologies as we added them to the database but forgot to add them to the drop-down menu. That has now been rectified! We are desperate for contributions, so Please! Please! submit them using our new form which is on the Contact Us page. We have put a separate menu item for the verse database/printing utility - called Verse's.

Even more changes to Verse Utility

2012-10-26Posted by Webmaster


Well Summer has past (in the UK) and Christmas is almost upon us! During the summer we have made some more changes to the way that the verse printing utility works. Instead of long lists on the screen we have changed to Drop Down lists. This makes the screen less cluttered and easier to read. We have recently added some new festivals - Thanksgiving, Halloween, Diwalli. We are looking for more, so your contributions would be appreciated? To make contribution simpler we have added a link to a form, where you can add your verse. Well thats all for now folks!

More updates to Verse Printing Utility

2012-07-31Posted by Webmaster


We have made some changes to the Verse Printing Utility! Two screens have been merged into one. The card size screen and the variable input screens are all on the one page. We have done this by using dropdown lists for the Card Size, Font, Text Colour and the borders choices. We are trying to allow you to click on the verse you want, but we are having some problems with the code. When this has been sorted out we will issue another update. We are glad to see that card makers all over the world are using our website. We have numerous followers in USA, Russia and China. Perhaps we should have a card making Olympics!! Well that's all for now folks!

Verse borders and Apoligies re Silhouette Guide

2012-04-25Posted by Webmaster


We have done it again! Now you can add borders to your greetings. There are only six I'm afraid, but we are searching for some high quality and large sized borders, so when we find some more we will add them. You will notice that we have rearranged some things on the Verses Database screens, hopefully to make it easier to use. We have rearranged the print input screen to avoid having to scroll to se all of the choices. We have also put a title so you know what size card you are producing the verse for. Although I said that the Guide to using the Silhouette Cameo was issued in our last bulletin, I'm afraid we forgot to post it on the web page. We have also created a PDF file showing the borders available, sorry about the quality, but it would take too long to download if we made it higher quality. That's all for now! Happy cardmaking!

Verse database improvements and Silhouette Cameo user guide

2012-04-14Posted by Webmaster


Over the past couple of months we have been working hard to improve the site and to provide some more content. There have been several updates to the Verse Database and printing utilities. Using these utilities you can now see the type of Birthday card greeting as we have added a new column called Mood/sub type. On the content side, we have sent hours writing a complete guide for the Silhouette Cameo that we received in February. This is a super tool, which has uses even outside of cardmaking. We are getting visits from far and wide, from Beleize to the Ukrane, however we would appreciate some feedback so don't be afraid to comment using the email in Contacts or the feedback form.

Silhouette Cameo and website changes

2012-03-16Posted by Webmaster


We have just acquired a Silhouette Cameo machine, so we will be busy writing some instructions on how you can use this machine. Watch this space! As you will notice we have made some visual changes to the website. Some people commented on the vivid colours.

New Verses Database

2012-02-16Posted by Webmaster


Over the past few weeks we have made many changes to the Greetings verses database to make it more user friendly. We have been using the original Access database for several years now and have built up quite a large collection of verses. We would however like to expand this data, so we would be most grateful if you have any verses that you particularly like so that we can add it to the stock of verses available. However please be careful about copyright, as some commercially produced cards may have copyright on the design and verse on the card. Any contributions please email to . As you will have noticed we have allowed you to choose from a selection of Fonts as sometimes the default French Script font would be inappropriate. If you have any suggestions for other fonts please contact us and we will see if we can include them. Use the same contact as above.