It's Summertime Time to get ready for Christmas!

2015-07-15 Posted by Webmaster


Doesn't time fly? Well we have been improving the web site and keeping up the data on our databases. Not many cosmetic changes, just improvements to help us maintain the site more efficiently. The form that you use to choose which method of input (whether you use the set colors or use the color chooser method), has been clarified by calling the former Basic and the latter Advanced. The Blog page has been given a new look, rather than the tabular method we used before. We believe it will be easier to read now. Well what's new in the crafting field? Create and Craft channel have come up with the ultimate crafting machine called TODO. This machine is a multi-functional machine that will not only die cut and emboss, but can Letter Press and yes it can Hot Foil as well! It is only available from Create and Craft at the moment, but I can see that everyone will want one of these machines. Tattered Lace are still churning out more and more dies, the latest is a set called Scene Builder, which can be used to create 3D cards. However the dies are very large and are nearly A4 in size. OK if you want a really big card, however some crafter's remove some elements, so they fit onto smaller cards. Some people are thinking about Christmas already! There has been a lot of Christmas materials for sale, especially on the Create and Craft channel. It is obviously a good idea to get those Christmas cards done, so that we do not have a last minute rush just before Christmas. If you look at the Stats for the site we are getting a really good user base in the USA, China and the UK. In the past we have asked users to give their opinion of the site, but to date we have received none. It is very difficult to know if we are giving the users what they need or where we could improve the site. I know that we must be getting it reasonably right, from the user stats, but please can you email us and let us know what you think of the site and where we can improve it? Well that's all we have to say, so keep on crafting and we will issue another blog in a few months.